70 (pictures from the last 6 months living in a 96 Jeep Cherokee to a farm in GA)

September 8th, 2011 by Bethany

Carson, NM:

Hotel Ojo Caliente, NM (a treat from Dawn & Joe):

MT. Hood, OR

Cooking in the Park(our home for a bit), Portland, OR:

My Birthday (after the mishap in Portland) at Detroit Lake, OR:

A tree growing from a tree stump, Detroit Lake, OR:

Abram in the Forest at Detroit Lake, OR:

Abram hamming it up at Detroit Lake, OR:

Devilish flies torment us in Devil’s Corkscrew, MT.:

Devil’s Corkscrew, MT:

Hungry Horse, MT:

Abram at Two Med Lake, the last siting of my water bottle:

Two Medicine Lake, GNP, MT:

Goose Island, GNP< MT>(the first shot in The Shining):

The run off in Glacier National Park, MT:

Playing in the falls on Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park:

Snow on the ground in Mid-July Glacier National Park, MT:

little me by the water in Glacier Park Montana::

little spider on the water in Montana:

HWY 1 S in CA:

The burning place SD:

The nicer beach in SD:

Me at the kissing place in SD:

Phen Swan, tin Can Alehouse SD:

Our pals in SD at Tin Can Ale House w/ Shannon of Primitive Noyse:

Abram in San Diego at Tin can Ale House, after a bad burn:

Abram & Zoe in Vegas:

On our way to AZ:

A beam for Abram in CO:


The storms of Colorado, we passed right through untouched by the rain:

A rainbow in Colorado::

Murphy in Pueblo, CO:

Abram & Murphy in Pueblo, CO:

Me & Abram at Moonshine Gulch Saloon in SD:

Moonshine Gulch Saloon in The Hills of South Dakota:

Abram’s birthday at Moonshine Gulch Saloon in SD:

My wedding shoes after 3 months of touring:


Marie & Ryan:

Abram & Myself (Marie & Ryan’s Wedding):

The boys of the Carder Family(far out numbered by the ladies):

Our Niece Alex with my Momma::

on our way to Michigan:

Escape from NY:

Johann & Tim in Philly, Frounce:


Abram at the Sandbridge beach in VB:

Missing our family & friends in VB:

A day at the beach:

Dirty diaper on a stove, yum:

Sad Burt after being taken down by Tubby:

On our way to Tennessee:

our little room, AL:

The Animals of Huntsville:

Abram & Toby in Huntsville, AL:

Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise sauce, bday breakfast:

Marie’s Birthday Breakfast(her first Bday as a married woman!):

My Father, I was leaving town he was bummed:

Isabella mad because I’m departing:

Jessica & Bowie at the Farm:

Cookie at the farm:

Buckeye & Sherbert Frizzle at the farm:

The Farm House & Bella:

The Farm:

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