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could you describe it in one word?

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Booking booking Booking

SXSW (too many bands to recall names…:()




After missing our show at the River they begged us to come play their living room. So the next morning we played a few swell tunes. Then they made us this! Sweet hearts!

Azi & Gavin

ST. Louis, MO

Mount Rushmore, SD

Our Home

R2D2 Mailbox in Santa Fe, NM


Window Shopping in Santa Fe, NM

Longhorns in NM

I took this photo moments before trying to save a fallen windmill and nearly being knocked out by the flying blades. Luckily I survived with a bit of a scratch, a tetanus shot and a headache.

Securing the up top gear. oh the desert WIND!

The Gorge in NM. The winds were blowing about 55 miles an hour, it was tough to walk out on the bridge, but worth it!

Dawn gathering water in Taos, NM

Sedona, AZ

Phoenix, AZ

The inside dash of Yusef’s Honda in Phoenix, beautiful work

Tin Can Alehouse

Mr. Holslin

San Diego

Zoe, the cuddliest dog

Abram’s first tattoo

by Mauricio Martinez of Gypsy Chrome Tattoos in Vegas

Vegas & Abram

No more flash!

Highway 101

SF Botanical Gardens

Redwood Forest. Arcata,CA

Under a mustang in Salem, OR.

Flail about

Makes me smile every time.

Abram at the bridge in Corvallis, OR.

The way it wanted.

Sammy’s basement in Corvallis. This is quite a dream room. a small space, wrapped in blankets, tucked into a corner of the basement. This tiny space holds a bed some shelves and the coziest feelings

Breakfast in Sarah’s lovely home.

A side street dingo encounter.

Abram making contact with the International Space Station, his call sign is now on the ISS log. AMAZING!

Sarah’s birthday battle.

Our camp site in the MT> Hood National Forest. just feet away from the mystery grave. We were here for days and never encountered anyone. Though we did hear quite a few fireworks echoing through the mountains on Cinco De Mayo

Our trusty home in the mountains, on the road, in the desert.

While camping in MT. Hood National Forest, we came across this grave. It was under branches from a decaying tree. I tried googling the names to no avail. So here it is, the mystery grave site in the national forest. As we slept I imagined them watching over us keeping us safe from bears. really, I did…